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Director of Sales (DOS)

Another title for this position is General Sales Manager (GSM).


  • Monitors the daily operation of the sales team.
  • Seeks ways to improve the sales performance and adjusts goals as needed.
  • Researches current market trends.
  • Manages the budget.
  • Identifies new business opportunities.
  • Involved in client entertainment and takes the lead in pitches to big-ticket advertisers, managing the client pipeline and fostering a collaborative team environment.
  • over-the-top (OTT), video and social. OTT, which is also called streaming TV, represents any content that is delivered directly to viewers via a streaming video service over the internet, bypassing the traditional cable box, and typically viewed on a TV set.


  • Dynamic, outgoing personalities who are pros at multitasking.

Experience Level

  • Seasoned sales veteran, with 10-plus years of a proven track record of implementing initiatives to grow revenue on broadcast and digital platforms.
  • Strong leadership skills and an understanding of how to mentor/coach a sales team.

The role of director of sales (DOS) may be synonymous with general sales manager (GSM) at certain stations. A DOS captains the revenue-producing machine of a TV station. Big station groups might have a vice president of sales who oversees a number of TV stations, with individual sales directors reporting to this more senior position. Or a DOS may supervise a team of GSMs at stations within the ownership umbrella.