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Operations Manager


  • Oversees all aspects of the on-air programming operations with the overall goal of building audience engagement and supporting station revenue goals.
  • Works with engineering to deal with equipment issues and plan for the installation of a major commercial upgrade.
  • Makes recommendations to management about purchasing new operating equipment and have input in the development and management of annual operating budgets.
  • Oversees facilities management and ensures the safety and wellness of employees, including anticipating and dealing with any security issues.
  • Works with on-air talent and the marketing and promotions departments to create and produce station imaging campaigns that further strengthen the station's brand.
  • Ensures compliance with FCC rules and other regulations.


  • Skilled in digital audio production and editing.
  • Has a good knowledge of digital automation systems as well as the production and business software needed to run equipment.

Experience level

  • Four-year college degrees and additional professional certifications, with at least five years of experience in radio programming, operations management and production.

Traditionally, the operations manager (OM) at a local radio station has the second-in-command spot. Some stations have this position, others do not. An operations manager (OM) reports to the station's general manager (also called a station manager) and makes sure the radio station runs like clockwork.