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News Anchor


  • Reports on local, national and international news from behind an anchor desk during specific day parts, particularly during the prestigious and popular 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts. Occasionally, news anchors will report in the field or travel to other locations depending on the importance of a news event.
  • Serves as the most visible stars of a TV station and are the most familiar and recognized on-air personalities with a large contingent of followers.
  • Interacts with other members of the news team from top managers and producers to the reporters and photographers, as well asmembers of the local community, often emceeing local events and attending important community functions.
  • Pitches stories during editorial meetings.


  • Exhibits comfort and ease in front of the camera and able to adapt to any issues that may arise during live broadcasts.
  • Excellent verbal and written skills, with a keen sense of newsworthy stories.

Experience Level

  • A bachelor's degree and perhaps even a master's degrees in journalism, mass communications or a related field.
  • A proven track record as a respected journalist in the broadcast television industry, often starting at smaller markets and moving to larger markets while earning higher salaries after years of hard work.