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Broadcast Technician


  • Works with the engineering team to maintain, repair and upgrade equipment, covering all aspects of a station's operations from IT systems to broadcast transmission and production.
  • Serves in a support position, executing tasks, vs. coming up solutions, which usually is the domain of an engineer.
  • Helps install, maintain and repair broadcast equipment.
  • Performs maintenance inspections and repairs of key broadcast systems and equipment, especially on the news and production sides.
  • Supports station IT operations by maintaining LAN/IT infrastructure, conducting installations of network hardware and software, and troubleshooting IT issues.


  • Basic knowledge of electronics and component repair, as well as knowledge of computers, computer systems and basic IP networking and IT infrastructure.
  • A background in satellite transmission and satellite communications is preferred and skills with microwave systems and video production are pluses.

Experience Level

  • Some stations require just a high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) equivalent.
  • Other stations require a two-year associate degree or more, in a technical field.