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Human Resources Coordinator


  • Supports the human resources director.
  • Responsible for direct support and guidance in various functional areas of human resources and payroll, under the support of the controller and HR director (or HR manager).
  • Supports such efforts as employee recruitment, onboarding/offboarding, benefit administration, training and development and performance management, in addition to employee relations.
  • Ensures compliance with employment regulations and work to ensure a friendly, respectful corporate culture.
  • Supports the benefits administration process by maintaining a working knowledge of company's benefit plans.
  • Helps with the planning and coordinating of team trainings, morale-building events and other such activities.


  • Positive attitude, effective communication, follow-through and attention to detail are must-have attributes for this position.

Experience Level

  • College degrees in HR or a related program of study.
  • Minimum of three years of human resources experience.