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Maintenance Engineer

This position is also known as Maintenance Technician.


  • Responsible for maintenance of both basic and sophisticated station equipment, in addition to technical and IT support.
  • Responsible for maintenance of equipment used in broadcast production, from robotic cameras and audio consoles to satellite news gathering (SNG) trucks and editing systems.
  • Maintenance engineers also work on satellite antenna systems, signal distribution and routing systems, automation systems and transmitter sites.


  • Knowledgeable about desktop and server operating systems, as well as video production.
  • Able to easily troubleshoot problems with equipment and systems.

Experience Level

  • An associate degree in information technology (IT) or electronics.
  • Additional certifications such as Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineering (SMPTE) preferred.
  • Equivalent related work experience in a television/video/IT environment is preferred.