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Research Director


  • Provides valuable research data to sales, news, promotions and financial departments. For example, the RD would compile and distribute relevant ratings facts, trends and analysis that could be translated into valuable new business development tools or better shape decisions in the newsroom about content and talent appeal.
  • Responsible for providing research support to the sales team and works with the station's general manager, news and marketing directors to supply valuable internal research to demonstrate why the station stands out from its competitors or identify challenges that may be corrected.
  • Oversees, analyzes, and maintains all information from data sources such as Nielsen, Strata, Google Ad Manager and others that enhance the sales and marketing effectiveness of the station brand in the marketplace.
  • Contributes to the creation of compelling, research-driven sales and marketing materials and also may attend critical meetings with advertisers.
  • Tracks numbers, industry trends and other factors that may affect revenue growth, allowing top managers to reconfigure station action plans so desired goals and objectives are met.

Experience Level

  • Bachelor's degree and three-plus years' experience in marketing, communications or statistics.
  • Minimum of two to three years doing media research.