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News Director (Director of Content)


  • Sets the tone and pace for the newsroom and decides what type of events are covered and how, often in collaboration with the station's general manager.
  • Makes decisions about staffing, evaluations and promotions, and provides mentoring and training for the staff.
  • Works to achieve ratings goals for the station.
  • Develops the news strategy for the station and leads the daily critique of newscasts and coverage, including sports, weather, special projects and the online news presence.
  • Manages the news department budget.
  • Works with other station managers to achieve market dominance and ratings success.
  • Serves as the station's spokesperson on occasion.


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Detail oriented and ability to see the big picture.

Experience Level

  • A bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism or a related field.
  • A proven track record in journalism, news programming production and prior experience in a station management role.

This job can often serve as a platform to the general manager position.