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Public Relations Director

This position can also be known as Public Relations Manager.


  • Cultivates relationships with other key media to manage the public image of the station.
  • Promotes on-air talent and creates favorable impressions of the station in the local community.
  • Designs action plans to engage target audiences, boost brand awareness and ensure consistency in messaging.
  • Collaborates with other marketing and promotions managers on creating and executing station event and promotions.
  • Tracks news coverage of the station and its personnel.
  • Arranges interviews with key talent and management with other media outlets.


  • Strong writing and public speaking skills.
  • Adept at crisis management.
  • Four-year college degree in journalism, marketing, mass communications or related field.
  • Track record of working as a public relations director or manager at another media outlet or company or as a journalist.

Public relations directors are one of the main spokespersons for the station. They might have the responsibility for managing the station’s personal social media page and function as brand ambassadors in the local community.