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Board Operator

Other titles for this position include Audio Engineer and Audio Console Operator.


  • Provides technical, clerical and operations assistance to help deliver a first-rate on-air product.
  • Ensures all parts of the show run smoothly and on schedule, with the correct commercial breaks.
  • Forms close working relationships with the talent and producers, carefully watching the clock to cue talent to start or stop speaking; handles any show guests.
  • Introduces special effects; screens in-coming calls if the show has a listener call-in format; switches to music; news or traffic.
  • Checks studio equipment for proper functioning before airtime and reports any issues to engineering.
  • Supports off-air commercial production, dubbing music to hard disk and programming automation computers.
  • Ensures FCC regulations are followed and makes sure to monitor what's said on air to protect the station's broadcasting license.


  • Knowledge of broadcasting and office software.
  • Knowledge of FCC regulations a plus.
  • Ability to work under deadlines.
  • Proficiency in sound production and audio editing preferred.

Experience Level

  • High school diploma or the equivalent.
  • One-plus years in commercial broadcasting is preferred.