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Production Trainee

Production trainees are closely supervised to ensure they learn the job well. Not all stations have this position, but more stations are offering great training programs for recent graduates to help them get a leg up in the business.


  • Learns the basics of studio operations, similar to a production assistant (see job description for production assistant).
  • Learns how lighting equipment works and how to operate studio cameras and other equipment, such as a teleprompter or graphics equipment like a chyron.*
  • Assists with set construction, props and other duties as assigned.

Experience Level

  • A recent college graduate (within one year or less) with a bachelor's degree in broadcasting, journalism or similar discipline.
  • Excellent written and verbal skills and able to work well under deadlines.

*A chyron is a digital-based graphic commonly placed in the lower third of the TV screen. The name comes from the Chyron Corporation, a company started in the 1960s that revolutionized the industry by introducing machines that made character-generated on-screen text.