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Investigative Reporter


  • Pursues the truth despite obstacles and knows how to navigate databases and follow leads even if a trail goes cold.
  • Reports the facts and researches extensively to ensure the integrity of the story and to minimize legal repercussions for the station.
  • Connects and relates with viewers in a straightforward and energetic manner.
  • Holds people accountable for their actions and often gives a voice to the voiceless.
  • Contributes to investigative story ideas and often thinks outside of the box.
  • Writes stories for both on-air and digital formats.
  • Demonstrates strong news and ethical judgments.


  • Knowledgeable about videography, graphics and editing.
  • A natural curiosity for uncovering the truth.

Experience Level

  • A bachelor's degree in journalism, mass communications or a related field.
  • Prior experience as an on-air reporter is required.
  • Prior experience as an investigative reporter or producer is preferred.
  • Prior experience in the legal profession is a plus.