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Director of Engineering and Information Technology

Other titles for this position can include Director of Broadcast Operations or Director of Engineering.


  • Oversees all administrative and technical operations for the department and provides statistical reports to the corporate level on a regular basis.
  • Serves as the technical project manager for expensive buildouts, such as installation of major studio equipment or an overhaul of the IT system, by delegating tasks, managing overall productivity and overseeing the budget.
  • Works with other station management to forecast technical needs and plans budgets accordingly, implementing the most cost-effective upgrades and redesign strategies.
  • Builds a team of broadcast engineers and IT professionals, providing guidance and training, communicating performance goals and expectations.
  • Provides proper oversight to ensure all safety codes and legal operating standards are met.
  • Troubleshoots effectively and develops backup plans for technical issues.
  • Oversees the physical building(s) and grounds.


  • Ability to innovate and create solutions to technical issues that can't easily by solved by outside means.
  • Solid understanding of industry best practices and the inner workings of a station's broadcast engineering and IT systems.

Experience Level

  • Bachelor's degree in a technical field of study preferred.
  • Ten or more years of experience in broadcast engineering and information technology, with at least five or more years of project management experience, including supervision of staff.
  • Professional certifications from groups such as The Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) is a plus.

Larger stations may designate the person who leads the technical side of a station's operations the "director of engineering and information technology (DEIT)" or shorten it to "director, engineering and IT," "director of broadcast operations" or "director of engineering." This person usually reports to a regional director of engineering and technology.