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Production Assistant (Studio Tech)


  • Assists with the technical operations of broadcast production.
  • Sets up and maintains the studio area, operates studio and remote cameras, runs the teleprompter during live broadcasts, acts as a production grip on live shots, and ensures on-air talent is on set and prepared for live newscasts.
  • Serves as jib operator and/or audio operator during live newscasts, specials and pre-recorded events, and performs microphone checks.
  • Engages with the show director to help compose and frame camera shots and achieve the desired lighting and the visual effects.
  • Creates graphics for newscasts, participates in audio mixing, coordinates satellite feeds and assists with troubleshooting technical problems.


  • Excellent written and verbal skills and familiarity with computers, scanners and other office equipment.

Experience Level

  • An associate or technical degree in broadcasting, digital electronics or a related field, or an equivalent combination of education and work-related experience is preferred.
  • One or more years of experience in commercial television and knowledge of broadcast-related equipment is a plus.

This position is a great springboard for other news positions.