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Vice President and General Manager


  • Oversees all station operations and makes key hiring decisions.
  • Works with department heads to manage an overall budget and oversee forecasting, sales and financial trends to better develop a business model that ensures the station runs profitably in all areas.
  • Develops strategic plans with input from department heads to grow the station's multi-platform content and revenue base in ways that align with overall goals and objectives.
  • Involved with client pitches to top advertisers as well as client entertainment. A respected GM is invested in the local community, serving local charities and boards to expand the station's visibility and commitment to the local community.


  • Ideal candidates tend to have more outgoing personalities and are willing to take on more visible roles in the community.
  • Leads by example, setting the standards for integrity of the news products and best sales practices, and helps to promote a positive work environment.

Experience Level

  • College degree.
  • A decade or more of proven leadership and management skills attained in competitive markets.

Traditionally, a career in sales was a direct path to this position, but increasingly it's news directors who are being promoted to this top role, as more and more stations realize "content is king."