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Director of Broadcast Operations and Engineering (DBOE)


  • Leads a team of tech-savvy pros who keep the equipment running.
  • Uses their ingenuity to invent new devices if needed to complete the job.
  • Responsible for developing the station's engineering and IT expense budgets.
  • Administers the technology component of the station's capital budget.
  • Ensures the station's compliance with FCC and OSHA rules.
  • Holds the on-air product to high quality control standards.
  • Oversees maintenance of the physical grounds and important internal systems, such as HVAC.
  • Oversees the IT, telecommunications systems and emergency alert systems.


  • An expert in broadcast, IT, digital and automation technologies with great project management skills.

Experience Level

  • A bachelor's degree in broadcast TV operations, engineering, electronics or related field.
  • Minimum of five years of related experience in television engineering systems.
  • Knowledgeable in both linear and nonlinear programming.

This position reports directly to the station's vice president (VP) and general manager (GM). At smaller stations this job might be titled "chief broadcast engineer," reporting to the VP/GM, while larger stations may have both positions, with the chief broadcast engineer reporting to the DBOE.