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Music Director/Curator


  • Selects songs that are in sync with the station's format and teams with the program director to determine which tracks on an album should be aired, at what time.
  • Tracks data on audience response to the on-air mix.
  • Listens to pitches by independent artists and record labels to give air play to their talent roster.
  • Takes part in station events and giveaways.

Experience level

  • High school diploma is required and college degree preferred.
  • A background in music is a plus as well as prior experience in curating music.

The position of music director, or curator, may or may not exist on the local level. The larger station groups determine the music mix at the corporate level and it's often pre-programmed at corporate, or out-sourced to companies providing radio stations with research-driven automated playlists. At stations where there is still a music director, this person is able to delve into the music entertainment world, following trends and having the power to identify and bring new recording artists to the attention of listening audiences. Quite a number started out as station disc jockeys and moved their ways up.